2021 Dream Kitchen Ideas to Consider in Your NJ Kitchen Remodeling Project

There are many valid reasons to remodel a kitchen. They range from upgrading worn-out materials and finishes to wanting a change. If it’s time for that dream kitchen, you are in the right place. Below are the latest ideas to consider for your NJ kitchen remodeling dream!

While we acknowledge the differences in personal taste and preference, the above 2021 dream kitchen ideas have a universal appeal as per real estate experts, and actual as well as potential home buyers!

2021 Dream Kitchen Ideas to Consider in Your NJ Kitchen Remodeling Project

I. On-Demand Hot Water

Check for licenses and insurance.

Your dream kitchen should have a dedicated hot water tap strategically located, preferably on top of your cooker. As small as this idea or detail may seem, you can’t have a dream kitchen in 2021 if you are still boiling water using a kettle. Even Google searches in 2020 can attest to this 2020 dream kitchen trend.

II. Fancy Taps

Your NJ kitchen remodeling project can’t be complete without “out-of-this-world” taps. Currently, there is a general preference for shiny taps, brass, or industrial-looking taps with interesting handles and features. Pull-out faucets are a hot kitchen trend. You can also consider double-mounted taps, flexible taps, and anything else you wouldn’t see in many kitchens today.

III. Unique Kitchen and Dining Islands

It’s not enough to have a regular kitchen island in 2021. You need more. Homeowners building dream kitchens are going for multilevel and double kitchen islands coupled with dining islands for added uniqueness and functionality. The idea is to get more storage space, countertop space, more socializing space, and a touch of character that separates a home from others in the market.

IV. Mixed Tones

Kitchens have also become interesting with tones that would never be considered now becoming common in dream kitchen magazines. Green and red tones, among other blends are now a thing. The neutral tone preference for kitchens is slowly being re-invented. Having kitchen cabinetry with mixed tones is an interesting aesthetic approach for a magazine-worthy kitchen. Mixed tones will also change the feel and character of your kitchen. What’s more, mixed tones aren’t reserved for cabinetry. Walls are also featuring these tones.

V. Smart/Hidden Storage

It’s also fun to have guests wonder where your appliances, kitchen supplies and cooking ingredients are. Most dream kitchens today don’t make it too obvious where everything is. Consider building a kitchen that only has a few elements in plain sight. You can go as far as you want with this trend, from creating retractable charging slots to hidden coffee makers, freezers, dishwashers, faucets, drainage, and storage/cabinetry. To pull out this popular trend, you’ll need some smart technology and an experienced NJ kitchen remodeling expert.

VI. Sophisticated Kitchen Lighting

Your 2021 dream kitchen isn’t complete without sophisticated lighting concepts. Pendant lights are a popular feature in dream kitchens today. The lighting isn’t just decorative but functional since it features over the worktop and other functional spaces. There are countless pendant lights to consider. You can even group different pendant lights together for a unique outcome. Some cabinetry lights, recessed lights, dining area lighting fixtures, directionless lights, and track lights are some great kitchen lighting ideas to consider in your dream kitchen project.

VII. Simplistic Themes

In regards to themes, simplistic kitchens are generally preferable today. A “minimalist” approach with clean lines is trendy. This theme is easy to achieve with smart/hidden storage. Purpose to have clear worktops and uninterrupted look with very little insight.

VIII. Compact Kitchen (For a Small Dream Kitchen)

You can still build your dream kitchen if you have space constraints. A compact kitchen that maximizes efficiency and minimizes clutter will work perfectly. Taller wall units and other elements like galley-style kitchens will make your small dream kitchen feel less cramped. It’s also possible to have a kitchen island and other elements like a breakfast bar. However, the type of island matters. A floating or open kitchen island is better for accessibility, seating opportunities, and storage space.

IX. Green Design

Lastly, don’t forget about the environment. There’s nothing futuristic and appealing about NJ kitchen remodeling that doesn’t factor in environmental challenges. Environmental sustainability is a common trend today in real estate. Even if you don’t wish to ever sell your home, consider sustainability in design. . 

There is an increasing preference in low-VOC paints to UV ductwork, filtration options, natural ventilation, and solar heating and lighting options. Consider natural lighting options first before electric light. The same applies to modern airflow solutions that are energy efficient.


While there are more 2021 dream kitchen ideas to consider for your NJ kitchen remodeling project, the above information is a good start. Combining multiple ideas above into one will offer a better outcome. It also matters who you work with to achieve your dream kitchen. 

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2021 Dream Kitchen Ideas to Consider in Your NJ Kitchen Remodeling Project