Bathroom Vanities You Should Have

You know the phrase, “A bathroom is only as good as its vanity,” right? Well, it’s true. A great-looking and functional bathroom starts with a beautiful piece of furniture to hold your toiletries and other necessities. In this blog post, we’ll list you top bathroom vanity ideas that will give a modern and beautiful vanity overflowing with style.

But before we get into that, if you are looking for New Jersey bathroom vanities, then we have got you covered. At Simplified Kitchen & Bath, we have a range of different styles and designs to choose from. We also have a wide range of finishes, such as the most popular white or black, but you can also opt for something more unique to bring your bathroom together.

Bathroom Vanities You Should Have

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Unique and Stylish Bathroom Vanities

A Shower

Go with an open-shelf vanity.

You can never go wrong with an open-shelf bathroom vanity. They’re perfect for any space, and they can be used to store a lot of your necessary items in one place.

There are so many different styles that you can choose from when it comes to an open model. Think about what type of feel you want the room to have before making this important decision. You may also opt for something with more storage on top if need be.

Try an antique bathroom vanity.

While this may sometimes be difficult to find, an antique bathroom vanity is a luxurious and beautiful option. It can be used as the only piece of furniture in your space, or you can use it with modern pieces for some contrast.

This type also comes in many different styles, from country to rustic chic, so there’s no reason that this idea wouldn’t work out well for any homeowner.

White corner bathroom vanities

This is another option that is perfect for any space. It’s a great idea if you don’t have much room and want to add some storage.

The corner bathroom vanity can be fitted with shelves inside or outside, giving it an extra edge over many other models out there. You’ll also get more countertop space than ever before since this type of design will take up very little floor space in your home.

Consider a free-standing vanity.

A free-standing bathroom vanity is perfect for a small bathroom or for when you just need something to do double-duty in the right space.

This type of design can be used as an island if needed, and it can also be placed on any side wall without taking up much room at all. A free-standing vanity may not have quite the same storage capacity as other models, but that’s what open shelving units are there for.

Rustic vanities

A rustic vanity will add a special and unique feel to your bathroom. This type will work well if you already have a more simplistic design in the space or want something very different from what most homeowners are used to seeing out there.

This style also comes with many other features such as storage, countertop options, drawers below for extra room, and lots of rustic charm.

Wall-hung vanity

This is another stylish and unique option for anyone that has a small bathroom. Wall-hung vanities are perfect if you don’t have an extra inch to spare, but they also come with all the same features as any other type of vanity on this list, from storage space inside or below and countertop options on top.


Need help with New Jersey bathroom vanities? At Simplified Kitchen & Bath, we make sure to provide our customers with options that will work well within their budgets while still providing them with quality products. So browse through our different vanities today and find one that suits your needs best.

Bathroom Vanities You Should Have