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We offer everything you need to get a kitchen that matches your needs perfectly with ZERO hassles.

simplified kitchen & bath makes it possible to get the kitchen of your dreams minus the hassles of trying to figure out everything yourself. 

We work with home sellers and buyers interested in renovating their kitchens to match their tastes, preferences, and budget. 

Kitchen remodeling increases home value! A beautiful and more functional kitchen is always a plus in a home.  For homeowners looking to sell, a kitchen renovation is a smart investment that will pay off. 

Our job is to simplify the process of remodeling kitchens without compromising anything. 

As a top-rated New Jersey Kitchen Contractor, simplified kitchen & bath offers everything you need to get a kitchen that matches your needs perfectly with ZERO hassles!

Get stress-free professional kitchen remodeling services in New Jersey.

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Things to Consider when You Begin a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Why are you Remodeling Your Kitchen?

You need a reason to start a kitchen remodeling project. Typical reasons revolve around changing outdated elements like kitchen cabinetry to fixing broken kitchen sinks, creating more storage or countertop space. Your reasons for remodeling your kitchen will inform the work that needs to be done, the timelines and budget for such a project.

Common items that are changed in kitchen remodeling projects include; cabinetry, flooring, countertops, tiles, faucets, fixtures, countertops, sinks, finishes, colors, and kitchen appliances.


If you choose a top New Jersey Kitchen Contractor, you can expect to get professional curated kitchen designs to choose from. We have interior designers who specialize in kitchens. You can choose from our existing kitchen designs or have custom kitchen designs made for you to match your precise needs.

We make structural considerations and walk clients through different layout options before helping them select the best design for their needs and budget.

Budget for the Expected and Unexpected

While the best NJ kitchen contractor will give accurate estimates, you can make changes midway through a project and have cost implications. Renovations can also come with surprises such as difficult demolitions and unexpected structural modifications that impact the final cost. It's advisable to expect 10 to 15% in unforeseen expenses. The best NJ kitchen renovation companies account for this.

How Much Will it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in New Jersey?

We offer a variety of packages to meet different budgets. Like most New Jersey Kitchen Contractors, Simplified Kitchen & Bath charges are based on factors like the size of the kitchen and the extent of remodeling being done. You can choose a full renovation or partial remodel/refresh. We don't discriminate against clients and do our best to accommodate all preferences and budgets. 

For clients who expect the best, we have the latest in all kitchen items and accessories, from tumbled marble for countertops to funky glazed porcelain tiles for the floors. 

The cost of kitchen remodeling contractors in NJ generally varies, with most vetted general kitchen contractors like ourselves offering free advice and support. 

Cost of a Standard Kitchen Remodeling

For a standard kitchen remodel in NJ, expect to pay $20,000 - $25,000 or approximately $100 per square foot

A standard kitchen remodeling job would involve installing a popular but cost-effective flooring i.e., prefinished floor featuring an engineered lumber core and a real wood veneer top layer readily available at bargain stores. A standard kitchen remodeling also involves installing ready-to-install cabinets and a stone countertop. Other cost-effective additions include a stainless-steel sink.

The cost of a standard kitchen remodel contracting project can be lower if cheaper flooring is used i.e., vinyl plank flooring, premade cabinets, basic tile backsplash, and basic appliances.

Cost of a Mid-range to a High-end Kitchen Remodeling

A mid-range to high-end kitchen remodeling project will cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 (or more), translating to $200+ per Sq. Foot.

A mid-range to high-end kitchen remodeling involves purchases from specialty stores. Tiles, cabinets, and other kitchen remodeling items are sourced from specialty stores at a higher price. A mid-range kitchen remodeling project will be more expensive at over $30,000.  

A high-end kitchen remodeling job costs approximately $60,000 or more, with the best-of-the-best kitchen accessories and appliances being sourced and installed. This includes kitchen islands featuring double-thick quartz, wine fridge, large square footage, marble floors, high-tech kitchen appliances, and more.

As mentioned, the above figures are just estimates. Chat with us to get a detailed breakdown of what you should expect to pay for demolition, kitchen fixtures, construction, expediting the project, etc.

Receiving Kitchen Remodeling Services: How it Works

How do you get your kitchen remodeled by the #1 New Jersey Kitchen contractor?

Simplified Kitchen & Bath makes it as simple as possible to get your kitchen remodeled or completely renovated. You don’t need to know much. We will help you figure out everything!

Step 1: Reach out

Feel free to chat with us once you think of remodeling your kitchen. Whether you need more space, a new floor, new cabinets, etc., we have the experience and expertise to help.

Simplified Kitchen & Bath has over 30 years of experience remodeling kitchens. There’s no kitchen remodeling job that is too small — or too complex for us.

Step 2: Get a FREE Non-obligatory Assessment

We offer free advice on everything from the feasibility of your kitchen remodeling project to the total cost.

Step 3: Select Design

You can choose any of our professionally curated kitchen designs or have a custom design made for you. We have countless kitchen pairings for you to select from. Choose anything from timeless classics to modern kitchen pairings that match your style perfectly.

Our kitchen design experts will do everything, from taking measurements to working with you closely through all design details. Before you decide on the design, we’ll avail full-sized samples to make decision-making easier. The design step ends with finished professional construction documents that make installation easy.

Select your design, leave the rest to us. It’s that simple!

Step 4: Renovation/remodeling

Once we have a design, we’ll do everything else, from coordinating the delivery of items to setting up and installing components like countertops, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. Our clients don’t have to worry about endless hours spent making sure everything is going according to plan. After selecting a design, we will pair materials perfectly, keeping everything on budget and according to the agreed deadlines. We source materials beforehand to eliminate any delays.

How long will it take to remodel a kitchen with Simplified Kitchen & Bath?

Generally, we can handle kitchen remodeling jobs in two to four weeks. While there are jobs that may fall outside the 2-to-4-week timeline, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure we complete projects in time i.e., even if it means increasing onsite workers.

Why should you renovate or remodel your kitchen in the first place?

I. High ROI

The US national kitchen remodels return on investment (ROI) is 81.1% from a national average cost of $21,198. Your home’s resale value will increase once you remodel the kitchen.

II. Improved aesthetic appeal

New kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, kitchen appliances, and kitchen flooring are bound to make a significant difference in your kitchen’s look and feel.

Simplified Kitchen & Bath can deliver the kitchen of your dreams worthy of a magazine cover.

III. Better functionality

Hiring the best New Jersey Kitchen Contractor isn’t just about looks and ROI. We make kitchens more functional by creating more storage space, adding another sink, updating appliances, creating more functional family space (kitchen island), and more! You are bound to find your kitchen more useful after a remodeling job.

Common kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid

Mistake 1: DIY kitchen remodeling

Unless you are a licensed kitchen remodeling contractor in NJ, kitchen remodeling should be left to experts. While DIY projects are attractive because they seem cheap, Kitchen renovation projects are more complex than they appear to be.

Mistake 2: Choosing cheap materials

While cheap flooring or countertops that mimic the real thing may seem like a great idea, such materials don’t last and end up attracting costly repairs.

Mistake 3: Hiring unlicensed kitchen contractors

It’s not enough to hire a New Jersey kitchen contractor. You need licensed contractors with proof of the same. They should also have decades of experience in the industry to be able to deal with any surprises that come their way.

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