Kitchen Makeovers That Will Make It Look Bigger

Kitchens are a space that many of us spend a lot of time in. With today’s busy lifestyles, it is not always easy to keep up with the mess and clutter in this small space. A kitchen makeover can help you organize your cooking area and give you more room for activities. These seven kitchen makeovers will help your space look bigger.

Kitchen Makeovers That Will Make It Look Bigger

7 Kitchen Makeovers that Will Help Your Space Look Bigger

Replace dark countertops with light-colored ones to reflect more natural light

Darker colors absorb natural light, so when you replace them with lighter shades, they can reflect that light into your home’s interior. This gives any room an instant facelift by making surfaces look brighter and larger.

Light colors have also been shown to improve moods because our brains react differently to these hues versus darker tones. Pick out some new cabinet doors or paint yours if you want something quick but dramatic.

Install a backsplash with matching countertops for an uninterrupted look

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen will help you keep things clean behind your stove, where it can be hard to reach. It also creates a seamless appearance that lets guests focus on what they’re doing in front of them instead of being distracted by how messy the back is.

If you have a lot of clutter, try moving some items into storage or get rid of them altogether.

Add a backsplash that is made from a durable material like quartz or ceramic.

Clutter will obviously make your space look small. So if you have many items that just keep piling up, it’s time to start getting rid of things. Put them in storage so they’re not taking up space or give them away to family members who might still use them.

Create an island with an extra countertop and plenty of storage for pots and pans

Taking the kitchen out from its traditional setting will make it look bigger because now guests aren’t boxed in by cabinets on every side. And having lots more room means your cooking area is both accessible and organized. You can store all those pesky utensils on shelves right next to where you’ll need them instead of walking across the entire house whenever you want something new like sugar tongs or measuring cups.

Replace old light fixtures with modern ones for an updated look

This is another quick and easy way to make your kitchen look bigger. All you have to do is replace the light fixtures with more modern ones in design, like ones made of glass or stainless steel. You can also go for a sleek pendant lighting fixture if you don’t want any overhead spots shining down on your countertops.

Create an oasis by adding plants near windows

We’re not talking about something big here–just some small-scale greenery next to those windows will create a feeling of openness where there wasn’t before. This works especially well if it’s already been sunny outside, so then it feels as though the natural light is just streaming into the room without all those pesky restrictions from heavy drapes and furniture blocking its path.

Replace your old kitchen table with a round one for an open and airy feeling

If you have a kitchen table that is square or rectangular, getting a round one might be the perfect way to make your space feel bigger. Round tables will also help you put more of your guests in clear sight while talking with them and won’t leave awkward corners for people to hide around.

The best part about this transition is how it can open up what was once a small dining area into an expansive living room. If you don’t have enough flooring near the kitchen table, look at some inexpensive standing options like teak chairs or stools. These are always popular choices when there’s not much ground available.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about making your kitchen look bigger with our help. We will be glad to help.