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Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Your home should reflect your style. But finding the right materials for your space, taste, and budget can be overwhelming — that’s where we come in...



Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Your home should reflect your style. But finding the right materials for your space, taste, and budget can be overwhelming — that’s where we come in...


Enjoy hassle-free kitchen remodeling in Livingston NJ, with Simplified Kitchen & Bath.

Kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling are the most popular types of home remodeling projects in the US.  

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, choose Simplified Kitchen & Bath – a leading Livingston NJ kitchen remodeling contractor with 30+ years of experience. We are known for simplifying the kitchen remodeling process. Our clients don’t waste time and resources on remodeling details. Just select the design you want and leave the rest to us. 

Simplified Kitchen & Bath delivers kitchen renovation projects that are hassle-free, on time, and on budget. 

CALL US: 973.464.4169 or CHAT WITH US anytime. We give complimentary kitchen remodeling estimates as well as have experts who can advise our clients on the best designs for their homes.

When Should You Remodel Your Kitchen?


Your Livingston NJ kitchen needs a remodel if;

If your kitchen feels old and/or features a layout and materials that don't serve you properly, it's time for an upgrade. If you can't fit your new fridge in the old spot, your counter is seemingly smaller, or the appliances malfunction or look dated, a kitchen remodeling project is warranted. 

If you have a growing family and you need more space for kitchen dining, more space for kitchen appliances, and everyday storage needs, it makes sense to remodel your kitchen. A kitchen remodel creates opportunities for having a kitchen that meets the ever-changing needs of a family perfectly.

If your family spends most time eating meals in the kitchen, you may want an updated kitchen to make family mealtime even more enjoyable. Including quartz countertops or contemporary lighting can brighten the kitchen and make your family eager to eat together again. If you spend hours in your kitchen daily, you also have a good reason to make sure the kitchen matches your preferences.

If you wish to sell your home and want a better selling price, a home remodel will help. A kitchen upgrade can also help to sell the home faster than normal.

What Do You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen Successfully?

What do I need to start?

You need a reason/s to remodel your kitchen. The reasons discussed previously are the most common. However, there are many others. Any compelling reason is good enough for taking action! For instance, you may be thinking of remodeling your kitchen to save water, conserve energy, start a cooking show, etc.

You also need an estimate on how much you wish to spend. How much should you spend remodeling your kitchen? Well, it depends. You should spend what you think is affordable. Any figure that makes sense to you is a good place to begin when setting a budget. You can also consider your reason. For instance, it makes sense to spend the amount of money that gives the best ROI and not go beyond such an amount if you are remodeling your kitchen to sell your home. 

Armed with a good reason/s and a budget, you need a reputable kitchen remodeling company in Livingston NJ, to get the job done right. While some homeowners love turning everything into a DIY project, hire an expert if you want professionalism. Unless you are a kitchen remodeling contractor yourself, it's not advisable to rip off your kitchen floor or attempt to make your own kitchen cabinets at home. 

Leading kitchen remodeling experts in Livingston NJ, like Simplified Kitchen & Bath, have simplified kitchen remodeling so much that there's no need to bother yourself with cost, outcome, materials, and other problems associated with home DIY improvement projects. 

If you are working with true experts like us, your work ends when you choose a suitable kitchen design. Even if you don’t have one in mind, our experts can help you select a design that matches your taste and preference perfectly. We also handle everything from sourcing materials to installation and finishes in time and on budget.

Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in Livingston NJ

The average cost of kitchen remodels in Livingston is $22,449 to $30,738, according to Homeyou

Despite simplifying the process greatly, Simplified Kitchen & Bath charges between $5,000 and $30,000 for a minor to mid-range remodel. Minor remodels involve kitchen remodeling activities like kitchen cabinet refacing, kitchen painting, changing kitchen lighting fixtures, and installing new kitchen countertops. A mid-range kitchen remodel job includes installing new kitchen flooring, new kitchen cabinets, a new kitchen backsplash, and new lighting fixtures.

Our upscale kitchen remodeling service costs $35,000 to $100,000 or more. This kind of remodeling involves a full kitchen renovation that includes removing everything, redesigning layouts completely, and installing new high-end kitchen appliances, flooring countertops, cabinets, and high-end kitchen features like kitchen islands.  

Simplified Kitchen & Bath doesn’t discriminate. We work with all kinds of clients! We can deliver a project within your budget, however small or big. TRY US! CALL US: 973.464.4169 or CHAT WITH US!

How to Choose the Best Livingston NJ Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

If you want to ascertain you are working with the best-of-the-best Livingston NJ Kitchen Remodeling contractors, here are 5 important considerations;

Licensing: The best kitchen remodeling companies are licensed. Given home remodeling is a lucrative industry worth billions, there are many unscrupulous individuals who masquerade as professionals. Don’t hire a home remodeling company in Livingston NJ, before you confirm they are licensed. 

Experience: The best home remodeling contractors are also experienced. Experience makes a contractor capable of handling just about anything on a job site. A license isn’t enough. Work with contractors with decades of experience in the industry to avoid common problems. 

Customer satisfaction guarantee: It also helps to choose a contractor that gives assurances. Simplified Kitchen & Bath doesn’t leave a job site unless the client is 100% happy. 

Insurance: Kitchen renovations are risky. Your property/other people’s property can be damaged. A worker can also be injured while working in your home. Kitchen remodeling contractors who are fully insured ensure their clients aren’t held liable in case of eventualities like injury, death, theft, or property damage.

Simplified Services: Lastly, the Livingston NJ Kitchen remodeling contractor you choose should make your work easier. You don’t need to worry about materials, approvals, or whether work is being done as required. The best contractors handle everything for you. 

Simplified Kitchen & Bath “fits the bill”. We are licensed, fully insured, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and make kitchen remodeling as hassle-free! 

CALL US: 973.464.4169 or CHAT WITH US and let us know what you need. We offer FREE Consultations and FREE kitchen remodeling estimates.