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Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Your home should reflect your style. But finding the right materials for your space, taste, and budget can be overwhelming — that’s where we come in...



Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Your home should reflect your style. But finding the right materials for your space, taste, and budget can be overwhelming — that’s where we come in...


Morristown Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling has many benefits, from increasing your own home comfort to raising the value of your home. If you want the best Morristown NJ kitchen remodeling services, think Simplified Kitchen & Bath.

We’ve built our name over the past three+ decades, making kitchen remodeling and other home improvement projects incredibly simple for homeowners. There’s no reason to do-it-yourself when you have us. Forget about DIY kitchen remodeling and the cost benefits. We work within our client’s budgets!

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Why Remodel Your Kitchen and Not Any Other Room?


Many surveys have found kitchen remodeling to be the best home improvement project to consider if you want the highest ROI. Whether it’s a minor or major renovation, homeowners are bound to have an ROI (Return on Investment) that exceeds 90%. If you remodel your home to sell, there’s a general consensus that kitchens sell homes and at a better price in most cases.

A recent Zillow Consumer Housing Trend report attests to this. According to the report, 58% of home buyers find kitchens to be an extremely important factor when making home-buying decisions.

What Type of Morristown NJ Kitchen Remodeling Project Should You Do?

Before you decide to remodel your Morristown NJ kitchen, you should think about the type of kitchen remodeling you want to do. Generally, kitchen remodeling can either be minor or major. 

Major Kitchen Remodeling in Morristown NJ: This type involves every aspect. The kitchen is “gutted” completely from the flooring to cabinets, sinks, plumbing, electrical, etc., before being put back together. A large-scale kitchen renovation doesn’t have limits. 

It is common among homeowners who wish to get rid of almost all aspects and/or those who wish to change the layout and design of a kitchen. Given the scope of work in a major kitchen remodeling project, the cost is usually high. Check our kitchen remodeling cost estimates in Morristown NJ below.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling in Morristown NJ: This type involves minor aspects. You should probably do a minor kitchen renovation if you like certain aspects of your kitchen. A minor remodeling will work if you like the floor and sinks but wish to change the cabinets and backsplash. 

The scope of work is less than in a major remodeling. Typical projects may involve tasks like kitchen cabinet painting, installing new kitchen sinks and faucets, changing kitchen flooring, etc. The limited scope translates to lower costs. It is possible to have a brand new-looking kitchen after a minor kitchen remodeling. 

Talk to Simplified Kitchen & Bath remodeling experts on expert tips of renovating your kitchen on a budget. 

Important Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

How do you decide on the scope?

To decide between a major and minor kitchen renovation in your Morristown NJ home, you should think about three main factors:

Budget: How much money do you wish to put up to remodel your kitchen? Every homeowner has an idea about how much they want to spend. Generally, it may be a definite figure, rough estimate, or open budget. 

Value of Your Home: This is a commonly overlooked but critical factor to consider. The cost of your home should be a guiding factor when setting a budget. For instance, it doesn’t make financial sense remodeling your kitchen and spending $200,000 on professional-grade kitchen appliances when your home costs $250,000. Unless you don’t plan on selling ever, such a renovation isn’t advisable.

Local real estate market: You need to think about other Morristown NJ homes and what kind of kitchen remodeling job will make your home stand out if you ever decide to sell.

Simplified Kitchen & Bath’s 30+ years of experience in the home improvement industry has allowed unmatched simplification of our kitchen remodeling process. Our customers simply need to know they want to remodel their kitchens and have a rough idea of their budget. 

Our kitchen remodeling experts will guide you on everything, including renovating for maximum ROI in case you ever want to sell your home in the highly competitive Morristown NJ real estate market.


Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in Morristown NJ

If you care to get rough estimates on the cost of remodeling a kitchen in Morristown NJ, consider this:

On average, you should plan on spending anywhere from $20,000 for a standard Morrison NJ kitchen remodeling project to approximately $60,000 for a mid-range to a major (high-end) kitchen remodeling project.

Factors Affecting Kitchen Remodeling Cost

Scope: The cost will obviously vary and fall outside the $20,000 to $60,000 range based on many factors. For instance, high-end kitchen remodeling or major kitchen remodeling may not have a spending ceiling. If a homeowner wants the best of everything, the total cost will easily surpass six figures. 

Type of property/size of property: Other factors affecting the cost include the type of property. For instance, remodeling a kitchen in a typical apartment generally costs less than remodeling a townhouse kitchen due to size differences. Ultimately, bigger kitchens will cost more for obvious reasons. 

Length of project: The time available will also dictate cost. For instance, a homeowner who wants their kitchen ready in a week may have to part with more money to hire extra labor. Personal taste/preferences may also have an effect on cost. 

Simplified Kitchen & Bath works with a client’s budget. Leave the rest to our kitchen remodeling experts. Contact Us Now via CHAT or (CALL: 973.464.41691) and let us know what you want and how much you have. 

Our Advantage

Why is Simplified Kitchen & Bath your #1 kitchen remodeling contractor in Morristown NJ?

30-years+ of kitchen remodeling: We have the experience to answer the three main questions all homeowners have when looking to remodel their kitchens. We can provide cost estimates based on ideas, follow strict timelines and guarantee results. Ask around. We deliver!

Professionally curated kitchen designs: Homeowners can rely on us 100%, even on ideas. If you’re just tired of your kitchen and have no idea where to start or what to do, don’t worry. We have curated kitchen designs for homeowners to choose from. Our designs consider the most unique preferences and tastes. 

Simplified process: Just set a budget and sit back. We deliver on time, on budget and guarantee customer satisfaction. No need for DIY kitchen remodeling or bothering yourself with sourcing kitchen appliances, kitchen floors, kitchen cabinets, etc.

Licensed & Insured: We are also true legitimate kitchen remodeling experts that offer our services risk-free. Unlike most Morristown NJ kitchen remodeling companies, we are legitimate and insured.

Vast remodeling services: We also offer bathroom remodeling in Morristown NJ, and many other home improvement projects all over New Jersey. 

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