New Jersey Home Remodeling Trends For Selling Your Home Fast

If you want to spruce up your home so that you can get a buyer quickly, you’ve come to the right place. Home remodeling should add some form of value. Besides getting a high ROI, you want to sell your home quickly. 

The latest (2021) statistics show that it takes approximately 79 days to sell a house in NJ (i.e., 44 days for a serious offer and 35 days to close). If you wish to beat this average, you can do many things, from making sure you give an irresistible offer to ensuring the home is remodeled to match the taste of potential NJ home buyers perfectly. 

When it comes to 2021 New Jersey home remodeling trends, potential home buyers are interested in three main things;

New Jersey Home Remodeling Trends For Selling Your Home Fast

i. Updated/Modern Kitchens

Check for licenses and insurance.

Kitchen remodeling is a sure way to increase the attractiveness of your NJ home. Research shows that most potential buyers in NJ and many other places in the US today are interested in great modern-looking kitchens. There are many kitchen trends to consider if you want to create the ultimate modern kitchen that buyers find irresistible. 

You can begin with under-cabinet lights to offer some soft functional, and decorative lighting. To have an edge over the typical modern kitchen, consider dimmable lights.

Metallic finishes are also a popular trend currently. Adding metallic finishes to kitchen elements like faucets will add that attractive modern look. Popular finishes include matte, stainless steel, gold, or a mixture of metallic finishes.

Many kitchens in the recent past have featured kitchen cabinetry with white, off-white, and other similar tones. Dark kitchen cabinets are an increasingly popular trend in 2021. Consider blue, grey, brown, and similar hues for both cabinetry and kitchen islands.

You’ll also sell your home faster if the kitchen has open shelves and deep drawers. Kitchen cabinets that showcase specialty items are a trend in 2021. Deep drawers also provide ample space, which is also trendy. 

Lastly, you need to add some quartz countertops. While granite is a leading preference for high-end kitchens, quartz is more affordable and looks just as luxurious.

If you manage to incorporate multiple New Jersey home remodeling trends above, you are bound to create a kitchen that will be irresistible to most potential NJ home buyers. 

ii. Updated Master Bathroom

The current home buyer in NJ and many other places in the US is also interested in how a home’s bathroom (particularly the master bathroom) looks. All-white bathroom tiles and calacatta countertops are no longer trendy. 

To attract buyers effortlessly, consider neutral colors. Warm colors have also made their way into the bathrooms. The vanity bathroom is a perfect example of what the most attractive master bathroom looks like in 2021. Master bathrooms with wooden elements, stone, metal, and glass (i.e., glass shower doors and glass shower shelters) stand out the most today. Under Cabinet lighting and His & Hers sinks and storage are also guaranteed to impress potential home buyers.

iii. Smart Tech Trends

Tech is also a guaranteed attraction for homebuyers in 2021. Most people want homes that are smart or have some smart features. Even those buyers that aren’t interested in controlling everything remotely will appreciate features like an automatic thermostat, CO detector, smart smoke detector, smart locks, among other smart features that improve the safety and/or comfort of a home.

For instance, smart lighting is an impressive feature to a potential buyer who wants to save on electricity. Besides being able to switch lights on/off at the touch of a button, smart lights can be used as a strong selling point for the energy-efficient home buyer, which is every home buyer today. 


New Jersey Home Remodeling should make financial sense. It should also lessen the number of days your home has to spend in listings.

If you focus on your kitchen, bathroom, and some tech features, you are assured of selling your home faster. There is research showing that the kitchen and bathroom (more so master bathroom) are considered by many potential home buyers as the most important rooms. 

When coupled with smart functional trends, your chances of selling your NJ home in less than 79 days is high. When remodeling to sell a home, the goal should be creating a home that is more attractive than similar homes in your neighborhood. The above information will help you do just that. However, you also need the best New Jersey Home Remodeling company to get the job done right and advice further.

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New Jersey Home Remodeling Trends For Selling Your Home Fast