Parsippany NJ Kitchen Remodeling

Is your Parsippany NJ kitchen outdated or old? Do you need to add functionality to your kitchen? If yes, look no further. Simplified kitchen is a leading Parsippany NJ kitchen remodeling contractor!

Kitchen remodeling is about beauty, functionality, style, value addition, and more. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen to add more space, increase the value of your home, create a modern kitchen worthy of a magazine cover, Simplified Kitchen & Bath stands out in New Jersey.

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Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Your home should reflect your style. But finding the right materials for your space, taste, and budget can be overwhelming — that’s where we come in...



Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? Your home should reflect your style. But finding the right materials for your space, taste, and budget can be overwhelming — that’s where we come in...


Kitchen Remodeling Services NJ

Simplified Kitchen & Bath has been remodeling kitchens in NJ for 30+ years now. We have handled just about every kitchen improvement service imaginable. Our main kitchen remodeling NJ services include;

Custom Kitchen Island Design & Installation

We offer kitchen island design, construction, and installation services. If you have unique kitchen island ideas you’ve gotten from a magazine, online, personal inspiration, or anywhere else, we can help bring your dream kitchen island into reality with our custom kitchen island services.

Kitchen islands are modern kitchen design fixtures that add beauty, functionality, and style to any home. Create your custom kitchen island or choose from our existing designs crafted to meet a variety of taste preferences. 

Kitchen Countertop Services

Does your Parsippany NJ home have a kitchen with outdated countertops? Simplified Kitchen & Bath handles every kitchen remodeling service related to kitchen countertops in Parsippany NJ. Whether you want marble kitchen countertops, quartz kitchen countertops, concrete kitchen countertops, or any other kitchen countertop material, talk to us! CALL 973.464.4169. 

We have an incredibly simplified process. Simply choose the kitchen countertop you want, avail a budget, and leave the rest to us.

Custom Pantry Services

Get more out of your pantry space with this service. We design and install more pantry shelves, redesign pantries to meet the unique needs of homeowners, create pantry space from scratch, and more. Custom pantry services in Parsippany don’t get better! 

If you want your pantry redesigned or aren’t quite sure where to start, we can provide designs with various colors, configurations, shelving, and other elements to choose from. 

Kitchen Cabinet Services

Kitchen cabinets add functionality to a kitchen. They can also add beauty and style. Our kitchen cabinet services in Parsippany NJ focus on the unique needs of clients. We offer kitchen cabinet refacing services, custom kitchen cabinet design, and more. 

If you want new kitchen cabinets minus the cost of having cabinets made from scratch, there are cheaper options like kitchen cabinet refacing and kitchen cabinet refinishing.

Kitchen Flooring Services

Simplified Kitchen & Bath can also work on your Parsippany kitchen flooring. We can source a wide variety of kitchen flooring materials to add beauty, deal with water damage, update your kitchen design, and more. We have kitchen flooring services experts in NJ who can help you choose the perfect flooring for your kitchen and other places in your home (like your bathroom). 

Kitchen Backsplash Services

Looking for simple, inexpensive kitchen remodeling ideas that make a lot of difference? Try our kitchen backsplash service! Our interior designers have the perfect kitchen backsplash for you to update your kitchen or create a specific look or feel.

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen in Parsippany NJ?

If you want to ascertain you are working with the best-of-the-best Livingston NJ Kitchen Remodeling contractors, here are 5 important considerations;

Simplified Kitchen & Bath kitchen remodeling cost in Parsippany NJ ranges between $5,000 and $30,000 for minor to mid range kitchen remodeling, respectively. Minor to mid-range kitchen remodeling involves services like kitchen painting, kitchen cabinet refacing, installing kitchen lighting fixtures, kitchen backslash services, kitchen cabinet service, etc. 

High-end kitchen remodeling costs in Parsippany range $35,000 – $100,000. The cost includes full kitchen renovation services that involve complete kitchen redesigning, installation of new kitchen appliances, countertops, pantry, kitchen islands, and more!

It’s worth noting that the cost can fall out of this range based on factors such as unique customer preferences and the size of the kitchen in question. However, our services can be crafted to meet our customer’s kitchen remodeling budget!

CALL US for simplified, budget-friendly Parsippany NJ kitchen remodeling services ON 973.464.4169 or CHAT WITH US!

Home Advisor Kitchen Remodeling Cost Estimates

According to HomeAdvisor, kitchen remodeling costs are approximately $25,748 in the US. The typical range is $18,000 to $32,500. However, low-end to high-end kitchen remodeling costs in America range from $4,600 to $60,000. 

Parsippany NJ Kitchen Remodeling

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