What is trending in bathroom vanities 2021?

What is trending in bathroom vanities 2021? Bathroom vanities have come a long way since their conception. The ancient Greeks and Romans would use stone slabs to wash. The Japanese had a deep tub filled with water. Nowadays, bathroom vanities are more or less standard pieces of furniture that can be found in most houses and apartments. In this blog post, we will explore what is trending in bathroom vanities for 2021.

What is trending in bathroom vanities 2021

The Trends in Bathroom Vanities for 2021

Vessel Sinks

This is among the top trends in bathroom vanities for 2021. Vessel sinks are typically shaped like a bowl, and there is no countertop on the front face of it. They are usually made out of stainless steel, copper, or marble, giving them a modern look that matches most decors.

Bathroom Vanities Integrated Into the Wall

Another trend with bathroom vanities is integrating the vanity into the wall instead of just placing it in one corner as usual. This offers more storage space and leaves you room for other pieces such as paintings or mirrors if needed.

Vanity Island with Separate Seating Area Next To It

Many people enjoy having an island next to their sink because they can fill up some water for washing dishes while also preparing food at the same time. With this design, you will have a vanity island with a seating area next to it separated by the sink. This way, you can wash your dishes in peace while also catching up on some TV or reading a book.

Wainscoting a Vanity Area

This trend may be more popular among New England residents because they enjoy using wainscotting for their walls. The idea behind this concept is that it provides extra insulation and protection against scratches from furniture like chairs brushing up against them. Wainscoting around your bathroom vanity works especially well if you plan to add crown molding somewhere else, such as above the doorframe of your shower, so everything matches nicely together.

In-Wall Storage Units

Another trend is to have storage units built into the wall. This provides ample room for all of your bathroom essentials, and it eliminates the need for an extra cabinet because they are all consolidated in that one space.

Open Bottom Vanities

More homeowners are now opting for open bottom vanities instead of a cabinet that closes on the bottom. These are becoming more popular now because they offer extra storage space and cleaner underneath since nothing is stored there.

A Lighted Mirror above the Sink

Another trend in bathroom vanities for 2021 is to have a lighted mirror installed above your sink. So you can see what you’re doing when you brush your teeth at night or getting ready in the morning without having to turn on any other lights that could disturb others sleeping nearby.

Under-mount Sinks

This is a newer trend in the vanities industry. While it is not as popular as vessel sinks, some people enjoy this design because of the clean lines and lack of seams to make cleaning more difficult.

Quartz and Marble Sinks

These sinks are replacing laminate and granite sinks. It is a trend that is not expected to die down any time soon because they are so sleek and modern. Plus, if you happen to drop something on them and it cracks, they are affordable enough that you can just replace the part instead of buying a whole new sink.

Drainless Vanities

This design may seem more like a luxury, but it is becoming more common in the industry. This design eliminates any need for plumbing since no pipes are coming out of the back or underneath, saving you from having to clear clogs at inconvenient times.

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into the trends in bathroom vanities for 2021. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Check out more trends here

What is trending in bathroom vanities 2021?