What Is Trending In Kitchen Design 2021?

With the changing trends in kitchen design, it can be hard to keep up with what is trending. We are here to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest by letting you know about some of the newest trends in kitchen design. Let’s get to it.

What Is Trending In Kitchen Design 2021?

Kitchen Trends 2021

Subway tiles or laminate as backsplash tile options

Subway tiles and laminate have been the two most popular backsplash tile options for years. But now there are more choices. Glass tiles have been introduced as a new option and offer endless design possibilities in the kitchen.

Wooden panels or board-and-batten look

The rustic wood paneling has come back into style as an alternative to subway tiles and laminate. It offers a unique appearance that cannot be replicated by other materials like glass, granite, stainless steel, or marble.

Statement lights

Statement lighting gives an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen. One of the most popular designs for statement light fixtures is linear designs that hang over the island or peninsula and provide natural task lighting for those who work at them.

Downdraft extractors

In 2021, there will be a shift toward downdraft extractors in kitchen design. These provide an efficient way to remove cooking odors from the air, as well as dust and allergens from your cooking area. 

Dark surfaces

Homeowners are increasingly opting for more dark surfaces in their kitchens, both on cabinets and counters. Darker colors make space appear less cluttered while also visually appealing if the homeowner opts for lighter-colored appliances.

Two-toned kitchens

Homeowners are also opting for two-toned kitchens, with one color on the lower and upper cabinets. This strategy creates a sense of depth in your kitchen without being too overwhelming to the eye.

Statement taps

Stainless steel is still a popular option for kitchen sinks. Homeowners are opting more and more to find statement taps in their kitchens. This trend can range from modern industrial-inspired designs to elegant chandeliers that hang above the sink.

Concealed appliances

More and more homeowners are opting for concealed appliances in their kitchens. This trend can save space while also making the kitchen seem larger than it is.

Sliding door refrigerators

Another option for those looking to create a modern look in their kitchen is sliding door fridges. These allow homeowners to keep shelves above the refrigerator free of clutter and add a sense of depth when combined with statement taps on your sink or stainless steel cabinets.

In-unit microwaves/ovens

Since many homes today don’t have room for both an oven and microwave sitting out on countertops, this new trend allows you to essentially combine these two items into one unit that fits beautifully inside of your cabinetry!

Wooden dish racks

As we move towards eco-friendly designs, many of us are opting to switch from stainless steel dish racks to wooden ones instead. They not only look beautiful but also come in a variety of finishes like natural oak or walnut wood grain patterns when paired together with plaid upholstered chairs.

What Is Trending In Kitchen Design 2021?